Resources for flat graph algebras

Hey everyone. I found the following papers and lecture that pertain to flat graph algebras. Hope you find them as useful as I did.

Dejan Delić “Finite Bases for Flat Graph Algebras” Journal of Algebra 2002

William A Lampe “Full duality among graph algebras and flat graph algebras” 1991

A lecture on combinatorial optimization:


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My research interests consist primarily of bioinformatics. Currently I'm trying to find structure in gene sequencing data for a highly variable and mysterious gene that plays a major role in the immune system. I have a soft spot for combinatorics and I love finding new and interesting applications of it in the world around us. When I'm not working or studying, I can be found listening to music while playing in the garden or kitchen. I love trying flavorful new recipes so send your favorites my way.

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  1. I’m hoping you didn’t find the first two papers too useful 🙂 – their subject is totally different from what we are discussing in class. We are talking about flats of a graph, while they are discussing graph algebras which are flat (a certain property that an algebra can have.) I guess this should serve as a good reminder to always watch out for conflicting terminology in mathematics – the same word has very different meanings to different people (or even to the same person on a different day).

    The third reference is useful – a quick summary of lots of definitions of matroids. More thorough (but much longer) are all the course materials from my 2007 class on matroids:
    including the texts listed there. Oxley’s book is a great introduction to matroids, and I am very fond of this survey:

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