Project topics and partners

Are you looking for a project partner? Are you still trying to decide what topic you are going to work on? Feel free to post your thoughts/questions/ideas here.



  1. I’m interested in doing project #8 (Generalized permutahedra of type W). Contact me if you are too =).

  2. Excited by #16? Singleton seeks same to form group in order 2 study discrete geometries (photo optional)

  3. I’m really interested in the Feynmann diagrams / quantum field theory project and still looking for a partner. My intuition is definitely geared towards combinatorics and graph theory, so I’d like to pursue a project that builds off of that.

  4. Lisa Clayton

    I’m interested in:

    Parking functions. Parking functions are sequences of integers representing the parking
    preferences of n cars on a one-way street. They have a rich combinatorial structure as well
    as connections to many elds. Study their Hopf algebraic structure.
    Jean-Christophe Novelli, Jean-Yves Thibon. A Hopf algebra of parking function

    Anyone in Colombia interested?

    • fatorresg

      My name is Fernando Torres. I am interested in projects 3, 6, 9 and 14.
      which includes parking functions. I have not decided which, but the latter looks good.
      My email is


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