an update from Bogota

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been a bit behind posting the lecture notes and HW 2. It’s been very busy here at Los Andes. I’ll post them later this weekend. For now, in case you missed it, the video of Lecture 5 (which SFSU students watched in class on Thursday) is here:

Lecture 6 will be posted on Monday morning by the audiovisual team at Los Andes, and we will upload it  to the same link above. SFSU students will watch it in class on Tuesday.

By the way, when you watched Lecture 5 at SFSU, did you stream the video or download it? Did it work well?




  1. Duquec

    I am not sure whether the video was streamed or downloaded. Karen used her computer to play it, so she must know. Whatever the case is, everything worked well.

  2. I wasn’t able to stream the video, I wasn’t given that option. However, I was able to download it. It took an hour. But the video played fine.

  3. Karen Walters

    I downloaded the video but it took about 40 minutes. When I downloaded the following one at home it took about 3 1/2 hours. The third one took 35 minutes at home. The fourth one has not been posted yet.

  4. Duquec

    Just a comment: If you are using Google Chrome as your Internet browser, you might not be able to download the videos. (At least I could not.) I just discovered that if I use Firefox instead, then I can download the videos.

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