Lecture video problems

Is anyone else having a problem downloading or watching the first four lectures posted on the course website?


About allahandrow

Senior Mathematic major at SFSU


  1. sammonkie

    Yes,I have problem watching them too.

  2. allahandrow

    I sent an email to Federico explaining to problem, thank you though!

  3. Duquec

    I am also having trouble. I would really like to watch again the part where he derives the Hilbert series of \mathbb{K}[x_1, x_2, . . . , x_n].

  4. remifrazier

    Hey guys —

    I was finally able to get the February 2nd video to download at 4pm (California time).

    If you’re still having problems let me know; I have all four videos and can post them on a Dropbox share for you.


  5. allahandrow

    All the lectures seem to be working fine now. Thank you for offering help though, Remi.

  6. remifrazier

    Sure thing!

    Does anyone have a link to this past week’s lecture(s), which Federico sent out in an email?

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