Office Hours Meeting Place

Hello Everyone!

I suggest we meet in the conference room at 11 am on Wednesday and Thursday. Does anyone know if it is being occupied at that time? If so, any other clever ideas?



  1. katrina888

    I will ask the office…

  2. katrina888

    The conference room will be available tomorrow, but not on Thursday due to the faculty search we are the process of. Do we want to reserve the conference room?

  3. Yea, I think that would be great for Wednesday. What about for Thursday? Perhaps we can use someones office?

  4. Duquec

    On Thursday, my office is available, provided my officemates aren’t doing something else.

  5. Katrina or Steven,

    Would any of you like to be in charge of calling the professor tomorrow in the Conference room? I am teaching my class at 11.

  6. Katrina

    I can’t come to the Wed office hour. I will try to make it tomorrow.

    Steven, where is your office? We could also use trailer P?

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